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Devil Music

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

One fine afternoon, while casually strolling through a park in the centre of Hong Kong, I invadertantly stumbled upon a scene so unimaginably horrific that I have woken screaming in terror every night since; an event so positively evil that it could only have been conceived by the devil himself.

If you’re brave enough to still be reading, then I present to you a combination of seven words that will surely strike terror into even the sternest of hearts. 

Stone dragon with mouth wide open

Enough to make a stone statue scream








No, this is not a cruel joke devised to discourage small children from looking at this website.

It pains me to say (and you have no idea how much) that I did honestly stumble upon a screaming mass of tone-deaf Hong Kong residents, clamoring on to stage in packs to tunelessly warble some of the most god-awful musical abominations ever conceived.

Oh, the horror, the horror.

Note: One has not truly heard bad karaoke until they’ve heard the theme from “Titanic” sung in off-key Cantonese.

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